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Tanqueray Nº Ten, the original ultra-premium gin, sets the bar high. Tanqueray Nº Ten Gin, distilled in small batches using the four original botanicals of London Dry and enhanced with fresh whole grapefruits, oranges, limes, and chamomile flowers, delivers a burst of citrus flavor with every drink. We are incredibly pleased of Tanqueray Nº Ten for being the only white spirit and gin to be inducted into the San Francisco Spirits Awards Hall of Fame. Tanqueray Nº Ten Gin is the identifiable premium gin in the Tanqueray collection because of its smooth and excellent taste.


The ideal way to enjoy Tanqueray Nº Ten Gin is to have it with lots of ice, tonic water, and a pink grapefruit slice as a garnish.

Tanqueray Nº Ten

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