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Our Story

Man Drinking Whiskey

LIQUOR ETC is a liquor store in heart of Lekki looking to be positioned as a go-to brand for her clients to think of when they need seamless customer service getting their favorite liquors and liquor accessories. Hence, LIQUOR ETC, meaning Liquor and more.

Purchasing drinks from our online store is one of the easiest and seamless ways to shop for all your drinks and drinks accessories as LiquorETC is the largest online distributor of cognac, spirit, wine, and accessories in Nigeria.

Established in 2021, our convenient, fast, and reliable service, has contributed to us becoming the fastest-growing drinks supplier throughout Nigeria.

You can buy online from the convenience of your home/office or simply place a call through to us to place your order. Cheers!

Delivering Liquor and More Every Day, Any Time

We want you to have a soft life, so sit back in the comfort of your home, office or wherever place an order for your favorite drinks and be rest assured that LIQUOR ETC would deliver. 

We Take Timeliness Seriously

Delays and Liquor ETC are not synonymous, so be doubtless that we would deliver promptly.

We Stock All Your Favorite Liquors and More...

Liquor ETC is your one-stop store for all your drinks and drinks accessories, no matter how rare, this is us, beating our chest, saying “WE GOT YOU COVERED”

Serving Whiskey

Easy, Convenient Shopping

Liquor and More

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