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Komos Anejo is made from agave from Tequila's highlands and lowlands, starting with a blanco base. The traditional volcanic stone ovens are used for roasting them, and the juice is fermented with indigenous yeast before being double-distilled in pot stills. After that, the blanco base is matured for a year in French oak barrels that were once used to age white wine for the Añejo expression. Although American bourbon barrels are usually used to mature tequila, wine barrels add a somewhat more nuanced flavour. After being poured through a charcoal column to eliminate impurities and colour, the now-añejo tequila is presented in a handcrafted porcelain bottle that adds to its uniqueness. The ideal way to enjoy komos is straight over ice, with a little water tocirculate its flavours.

Komos Tequila Anejo

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